Friday, February 7, 2014

v For Vendetta

The film V for Vendetta directed by welter McTeigue, is a story about a charater work outking vengence against a corrupt government known as V who ends up blo temptg up parliament and destroying the governments control. In the film a foot i am going to go over in this eassay is that radicals argon very billetful. This is coming into courtn throughout the film by the compel use of of costume, dialogue and symbolic clothing. the costume used to show the power of an idea in V for vendetta is his big cat fawkes mask. this showed V represented non a person, scarce an idea. We shoot the breeze this at the beginning of the movie when we are told to remember the fourth of november. this showd that we should not remember the man big cat fawkes, but the idea. this is shown when we see guy fawkes killed but his idea lived on and changed the world cd old age later. the idea in this example shows us that V didnt motive to be known by name, but instead as a symbol of hope and resolution which would stop the oppresive government. even off though V died erect before the end of the movie, his idea will live on the same as guy fawkes does, which is symbolised by his mask. Dialogue is eventful in the film as it is the only way V is able to communicate as we croup not see any of his facial expressions. His bulky range of vocabulary and convincing speeches that were broadcasted nation wide win the hearts of the people of London, do them re-think their current situation and how several(predicate) life would be without the government dictating everything they cannister and cannot do. His quote â€Å" spoken language will always stay their power” illustrates to us how the media is an authoritative tool of social and governmental control. The biased media uses this to their advantage labeling V as a â€Å" psycho terrorist” when he breaks into BTN (the television net break). We can learn from this that approximately events that are put in the media are not the sound truth of wh! at is going on. We believe what the discussion presenters are truism on the television as they work for the government and...If you deprivation to get a full essay, enounce it on our website:

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